Tiistai 24.12.2013 - Risto

Let there be peaceful and lovely Xmas time for each and everyone!

I'm wishing the best year 2014 for my extra-ordinary supporters! You rock!


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Talented Singer Wanted!

Perjantai 1.11.2013 klo 12:09 - Risto

Hello to everyone!


I'm searching for a talented singer for my studio project.


I've been working with my studio project more or less one year. And it would be nice to get it done at some point or I’m hoping to get it done before Christmas. The songs are in a styles like Aor / hard rock / rock. 80’s stuff.  So almost everything is done but only those magical vocals is missing (and some cool guitar solos)! ;)


I can't promise that these tracks would get you millions of dollars/euros, but at least you get chance to have one new cd on your shelf.  But of course I will try to offer it everywhere and everyone. Never knows what will happen. :)


I can't pay any money from it, unless we get in to the world fame and after then we can start dealing some money.. haha.. But seriously when it’s ready I will give you some cd’s so you can sell it to your friends and you can keep the money what you getting at from those. Hopefully someone is intrested in this opportunity.


Links from your audio samples or videos can be sent to my e-mail: info.tuominen @


Remember to put some info and photo of yourself. Male or female send me an e-mail!! ;)


Hopefully someone is intrested in this and we can continue to do hell of a record!! Rock'n'Roll All Night long!!!  haha..




Risto Tuominen, Finland

e-mail: info.tuominen @

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WallRoses coverband

Tiistai 6.8.2013 - Risto

Hello Everybody!! :)

It's going to be exciting times coming up for my WallRoses Band. We're hopefully getting some female singer in our band and I have to say she is amazing singer and talent! Check out her youtube channel!

What A Feeling!! :)

See and hear you soon!! ;)

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It's been a while..

Keskiviikko 17.7.2013 - Risto

Long time no see!! :)

Joo onkin olluna pitkä aika kun olen tänne mitään kirjoittanut. 

On olluna ohjelmaa perheen kanssa kylliksi, joten olen hetkeksi jättänyt tämän kolmannelle sijalle. :)

Meidän perheeseen syntyi pikkuinen poikavauva kesäkuun 6.pvä ja tekemistä sitten on ollutkin hänen sekä 1.5 vuotiaan tyttäreni kanssa. Ja kivvaa on olluna!! 

Musaa olen tehnyt kokoajan aktiivisesti kotona Pro Toolsin kanssa ja tietenkin pariin kilpailuun piti osallistua. Ekaa kertaa osallistuin Somero Soikoon -kilpailuun ja sitten joka vuotinen UMK -kilpailuun pitää osallistua. :)

Keikkaa on taa olluna tosi mukavasti ja lissää tullee. Keikat.

Uusi cover poppooni WallRosesin kans koitetaan myös kovasti lissää keikkaa saada. Siinä pääsen toteuttamaan itseäni enempi laulajana. Kivvaa on. Ja etenki mukavata on testata onko noista laulutunneista jääny meikäläiselle mitn. :)

Uusi projektini Wake The Nations etenee mukavasti. Odotan, että mysteerilaulaja pääse lomilta, jotta hän alkaisi lisäämään hunajaista ääntänsä levylle. :) Kansikuvakin jo on suunniteltuna ja sen tekeepi hyvä ystäväni Janne "Gekko" Granfors. Hän myös soittaa levyllä kaikki bassot. ¨

Jees mut kesänjatkoja kaikille! Mulla on lomaa jäljellä viel 4 vkoa! ;)

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Perjantai 25.1.2013 - Risto


Olen tässä jo pitkään miettinynnä, että pitäisköhän aloittaa taas pitämään kitaratunteja.. Ja tulin siihen tulokseen, että tiätenki.. :) Eli jos kitaransoitosta innostuneita on siellä jossain, niin laittakaa kiinnostusta sähköpostilla ja otan sitten halukkaihin yhteyttä. Tunnit alkaisivat syyskuussa ja paikkana Aura. Soittotunnin pituus on 30 min ja hinta 22 eur.


Risto Tuominen

ps. Mahdollisesti myös Skypen kautta voisin mielenkiinnolla kokeilla soittotuntien antamista privaatisti ja ryhmäpuheluna (max 5 henk). Jos kokeilu onnistuu niin ryhmä tuntien hinta olisi 19 eur/osallistuja.

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Voice Of Finland Contest

Maanantai 20.8.2012 - Risto

Hello everyone! :)

Now it's done.. I took part in the Voice Of Finland contest.. Very exciting.. :) I had to try my wings in that contest and hopefully someone gives me honest comments about my voice and how I can get it better..?!? You can find my video from here!

Hopefully someone likes it..

Ok, see and hear you next time! :)

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Cari Cole

Torstai 16.8.2012 - Risto

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile when I wrote something in here.. And I'm so sorry! I've been holiday and having a great time with my wife and kids! :)

Okey.. I have to but a link to my page to a great singing and artist coach called Cari Cole. She has given a lot of great advices for my career and I'm trying to use her advice in practice everyday. :) Check her website and her blog! Cool Stuff she wrotes! :)

Love you all! See ya next time! :)

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One of my heroes is coming to play in Finland

Perjantai 20.7.2012 - Risto

Everyone hear me!! :D

I'm so excited that I have opportunity getting to see one of my guitar heroes very soon playing a gig in Finland. Everybody should see him playing live. He's such a big talent and real super rockstar. Here's link where you can find tickets!! :) Check it out!! :)

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Human Temple supporting Apocalyptica

Perjantai 20.7.2012 - Risto

Via these links Tiketti and Lippupalvelu if you want to get the tickets in to KARJUROCK! :)


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Next Sunday

Torstai 19.7.2012 - Risto

Oooohhh Yeaaahhh!!! :)


Next Sunday's going to be exciting day! I've been waiting a long time to get a that kind of chance. We're supporting Apocalyptica! How awesome can it be..?? :)

Okey, I don't have anything else to say. Just wanted to get some steam out of my head!! :)

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Exciting times I'm living at the moment!

Maanantai 9.7.2012 - Risto

Hello my friends!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!! :)

Last weekend was a blast! HUMAN TEMPLE played in Jyrkkärock and in Restaurant Viljo. Our new bassist and drummer plays really well. I met a lot's of new cool people (musician ;) ) also. At the Jyrkkärock -festival, I got a chance to meet very talented german singer from a band called Hellride. He got amazing voice! Hell Yeah!!! :)

Next weekend I'm playing with my other band VILLA SUCKA in a local festival called Auran Olutfestarit. Lot's of pure rock is coming up. It's been too long when I got a chance to do a gig with the guys.. 

And of course the main event of the year is coming closer also.. And it is KARJUROCK where we have a great opportunity to get in to stardom.. hahahaa.. :) Being a supporting band for a APOCALYPTICA is a big thing for me and my band HUMAN TEMPLE. 

Hopefully I can see some of you guys in there!? :) 

Ok, Now I have to go to sleep beside to my beautiful wife!! :)

Love and Peace!

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Human Temple recruiting a new members

Maanantai 18.6.2012 - Risto

Long time no see!

It's been a while that I've been writing in here. I'm so sorry about that. :(

My excuse is that it's summer now and it's fun to go about and enjoy the sun! :) 

Lot's of have happened and now we are heading for the better. Human Temple has found a new drummer and a bassist, but we let you know soon who they are. :) Their first appearance is in Jyrkkärock! Can't wait to play with such a talented guys! :)

Okay, that's all folks! See you and here you soon! :)

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Awesome summer coming up!

Sunnuntai 27.5.2012 - Risto

Hi you all,

Last time when I wrote in here I was wishing that Finland's Ice Hockey Team would win the bronze medal.. But they didn't.. But still I give a great respect to all of them! I love Ice Hockey!! :)

Ok, something new.. Yesterday I was a taking a some new photo's with Kristian, he's a great neighbor of mine. Go check them out! It was real fun to do that. Some passer-bys look strangly when I stand with my guitar and did some poses.. This Aura is a small place. :)

Summer is going to be really intresting time for me and my band Human Temple. We are doing some festival shows and the biggest for us is Karjurock. We are supporting a band called Apocalyptica. If any of you are nearby, you have to come to see us!! It's going to be blast!! :)

Ok, that's all this time. Now I enjoy rest of the day with my family. :)

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Feeling great!

Sunnuntai 20.5.2012 - Risto

Hello Everybody!

Today's nice sunny summer day to watch Ice Hockey's World Championship games! Finland didn't get in to Gold match, but today it hopefully wins bronze medal!! 

I Wish you all nice day! :)


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My new web pages

Tiistai 15.5.2012 - Risto

At last I got this website done! 

After so many years only dreamed about them.

Today, everything has been made so easy that even such a Stone Age man had time to sort these done. And now I can smile. :) I hope all of whom just gets lost in these pages, likes these. And if you have some suggestions for improvement, so the message just for me! :)

All the best and love to you all! :)

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