Wake The Nations is looking for a Manager

Sunnuntai 27.12.2015 - Risto

Manager needed!

If you are or know who to contact, please send us message to our e-mail: waketnations@gmail.com


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Talented Singer Wanted!

Perjantai 1.11.2013 klo 12:09 - Risto

Hello to everyone!


I'm searching for a talented singer for my studio project.


I've been working with my studio project more or less one year. And it would be nice to get it done at some point or I’m hoping to get it done before Christmas. The songs are in a styles like Aor / hard rock / rock. 80’s stuff.  So almost everything is done but only those magical vocals is missing (and some cool guitar solos)! ;)


I can't promise that these tracks would get you millions of dollars/euros, but at least you get chance to have one new cd on your shelf.  But of course I will try to offer it everywhere and everyone. Never knows what will happen. :)


I can't pay any money from it, unless we get in to the world fame and after then we can start dealing some money.. haha.. But seriously when it’s ready I will give you some cd’s so you can sell it to your friends and you can keep the money what you getting at from those. Hopefully someone is intrested in this opportunity.


Links from your audio samples or videos can be sent to my e-mail: info.tuominen @ gmail.com


Remember to put some info and photo of yourself. Male or female send me an e-mail!! ;)


Hopefully someone is intrested in this and we can continue to do hell of a record!! Rock'n'Roll All Night long!!!  haha..




Risto Tuominen, Finland

e-mail: info.tuominen @ gmail.com




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