Debyytti-Emma palkinto, Debut Emma-prize

Torstai 3.12.2015 - Risto

Hey there, got a minute?

Actually it only takes 15 secs to vote for Sign Of Heart as the best debut album in Finland this year! 5 most voted albums will compete for the invaluable Emma-prize. Please click on "Äänestä" on the Levykauppa Äx page - you could also win some CD's yourself. Please share, too!


Äänestä Sign Of Heart levymme vuoden 2015 parhaaksi debyyttilevyksi! Saa jakaa ja pyytää kavereita äänestämään meitä myös! :)

MANY THANKS!…/wake_the_nations/sign_of_heart/…

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Perjantai 26.6.2015 klo 14:44 - Risto

Wake The Nations bändin ystäville hyviä uutisia:

Yleisön pyynnöstä DBTL-tiistai 28.7. on nyt IKÄRAJATON!

Tiistaina esiintyvät Sunrise Avenuen, My First Band sekä Crystal Extasy.

Photo credits by DBTL

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Wake The Nations gets some AirPlay

Sunnuntai 1.2.2015 - Risto

You can listen some tunes from the Wake The Nations band from web radio stations:

"Metal Tavern Metal & Rock Radio Schedule

Metal Tavern Radio Schedule: (24/7 Heavy Metal & Rock)

(Specialized Shows)


Inverse Records- 4pm-6pm Est

- Bands: Albino Rhino, Demonic Death Judge, Frostland Darkness, Autere, Wake the Nations, Sarpedon, My Own Ghost, Lykaion, Bloodlash, Apocryphal Voice, Negative Voice, Caelestia, Womit Angel, Midnight Bullet, Simulacrum, Wasara, Minutian, Blind Stare, Godless Angel, and more."
Very soon on the Painkiller METAL SHOW on RADIO with the partnership ofInverse Records !
For Spanish friends:

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Wake The Nations Sign Of Heart Available on Spotify

Sunnuntai 1.2.2015 - Risto

Spotifyssa on nyt mahdollista käydä kuuntelemassa uutta levyä Sign Of Heart! 
Soittakaa ja kuunnelkaa sitä 24/7 sekä jakakaa! Hymiö smile

You can now be able to listen to our new album Sign Of Heart from Spotify!

Listen to it 24/7 and share it to everyone! Hymiö smile

Don't forget to support the band and buy the album from one of these Web,,,! Hymiö wink

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Alan Jackson - Lyricist

Lauantai 17.1.2015 - Risto

Here's little info about my new friend with whom I do couple of new projects. He also wrote lyrics to my band's Wake The Nations debut Album "Sign Of Heart". Songs are "All I Want" and "The Touch Of Your Hand".

Here's Alan with his own words:

"I am an Engineer by training but 10 years ago I started with a website intended to provide lyrics for people like you who do not have English as a first language.
I now have 5 sites and I get 23 million hits each year. I have maybe 500-700 songs not on the web yet and 2,000 on the web.  I will put two new websites up soon.
I have no idea how many songs have been recorded. At least 400 but probably many more.
Recently I wrote 2 completely original musicals that are quick easy and cheap to produce. One is a "One Man Show" and has only one set. The other has three actors and two sets. The music for both is recorded and very very good."

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