Wake The Nations gets some AirPlay

Sunnuntai 1.2.2015 - Risto

You can listen some tunes from the Wake The Nations band from web radio stations:

"Metal Tavern Metal & Rock Radio Schedule

Metal Tavern Radio Schedule: (24/7 Heavy Metal & Rock)

(Specialized Shows)


Inverse Records- 4pm-6pm Est

- Bands: Albino Rhino, Demonic Death Judge, Frostland Darkness, Autere, Wake the Nations, Sarpedon, My Own Ghost, Lykaion, Bloodlash, Apocryphal Voice, Negative Voice, Caelestia, Womit Angel, Midnight Bullet, Simulacrum, Wasara, Minutian, Blind Stare, Godless Angel, and more."
Very soon on the Painkiller METAL SHOW on RADIO with the partnership ofInverse Records !
For Spanish friends:

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