Wake The Nations Sign Of Heart Available on Spotify

Sunnuntai 1.2.2015 - Risto

Spotifyssa on nyt mahdollista käydä kuuntelemassa uutta levyä Sign Of Heart! 
Soittakaa ja kuunnelkaa sitä 24/7 sekä jakakaa! Hymiö smile

You can now be able to listen to our new album Sign Of Heart from Spotify!

Listen to it 24/7 and share it to everyone! Hymiö smile


Don't forget to support the band and buy the album from one of these Web storesAmazon.com, Inverse.fi, Cdon.com, Levykauppax.fi! Hymiö wink

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Human Temple supporting Apocalyptica

Perjantai 20.7.2012 - Risto

Via these links Tiketti and Lippupalvelu if you want to get the tickets in to KARJUROCK! :)


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Next Sunday

Torstai 19.7.2012 - Risto

Oooohhh Yeaaahhh!!! :)


Next Sunday's going to be exciting day! I've been waiting a long time to get a that kind of chance. We're supporting Apocalyptica! How awesome can it be..?? :)

Okey, I don't have anything else to say. Just wanted to get some steam out of my head!! :)

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Exciting times I'm living at the moment!

Maanantai 9.7.2012 - Risto

Hello my friends!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!! :)

Last weekend was a blast! HUMAN TEMPLE played in Jyrkkärock and in Restaurant Viljo. Our new bassist and drummer plays really well. I met a lot's of new cool people (musician ;) ) also. At the Jyrkkärock -festival, I got a chance to meet very talented german singer from a band called Hellride. He got amazing voice! Hell Yeah!!! :)

Next weekend I'm playing with my other band VILLA SUCKA in a local festival called Auran Olutfestarit. Lot's of pure rock is coming up. It's been too long when I got a chance to do a gig with the guys.. 

And of course the main event of the year is coming closer also.. And it is KARJUROCK where we have a great opportunity to get in to stardom.. hahahaa.. :) Being a supporting band for a APOCALYPTICA is a big thing for me and my band HUMAN TEMPLE. 

Hopefully I can see some of you guys in there!? :) 

Ok, Now I have to go to sleep beside to my beautiful wife!! :)

Love and Peace!

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Human Temple recruiting a new members

Maanantai 18.6.2012 - Risto

Long time no see!

It's been a while that I've been writing in here. I'm so sorry about that. :(

My excuse is that it's summer now and it's fun to go about and enjoy the sun! :) 

Lot's of have happened and now we are heading for the better. Human Temple has found a new drummer and a bassist, but we let you know soon who they are. :) Their first appearance is in Jyrkkärock! Can't wait to play with such a talented guys! :)

Okay, that's all folks! See you and here you soon! :)

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Feeling great!

Sunnuntai 20.5.2012 - Risto

Hello Everybody!

Today's nice sunny summer day to watch Ice Hockey's World Championship games! Finland didn't get in to Gold match, but today it hopefully wins bronze medal!! 

I Wish you all nice day! :)


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