Wake The Nations is looking for a Manager

Sunnuntai 27.12.2015 - Risto

Manager needed!

If you are or know who to contact, please send us message to our e-mail: waketnations@gmail.com


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Debyytti-Emma palkinto, Debut Emma-prize

Torstai 3.12.2015 - Risto

Hey there, got a minute?

Actually it only takes 15 secs to vote for Sign Of Heart as the best debut album in Finland this year! 5 most voted albums will compete for the invaluable Emma-prize. Please click on "Äänestä" on the Levykauppa Äx page - you could also win some CD's yourself. Please share, too!


Äänestä Sign Of Heart levymme vuoden 2015 parhaaksi debyyttilevyksi! Saa jakaa ja pyytää kavereita äänestämään meitä myös! :)



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Wake The Nations @ On The Rocks, Helsinki 10/29/2015

Lauantai 15.8.2015 - Risto

Hello dear friends,

It's been quite a long time since I have written in here something! We had a blast summer and we are still very happy for the chance of supporting such an amazing bands like Sunrise Avenue, My First Band and Niila! They make so good music and gave us faith that old men could have a chance to make something good with our music!! :)

If you guys missed our gig in Down by The laituri festival then please come to support us in Helsinki where we play in a club called ON THE ROCKS!! We are playing with Ponies to Kill band. They are true hard rockers and good friend of us!! Boy, we feel lucky bastards!! :)

Keep on rocking everyone and I wish you all the best!! :)

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Perjantai 26.6.2015 klo 14:44 - Risto

Wake The Nations bändin ystäville hyviä uutisia:

Yleisön pyynnöstä DBTL-tiistai 28.7. on nyt IKÄRAJATON!

Tiistaina esiintyvät Sunrise Avenuen, My First Band sekä Crystal Extasy.

Photo credits by DBTL

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Feeling great!

Sunnuntai 20.5.2012 - Risto

Hello Everybody!

Today's nice sunny summer day to watch Ice Hockey's World Championship games! Finland didn't get in to Gold match, but today it hopefully wins bronze medal!! 

I Wish you all nice day! :)


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