Alan Jackson - Lyricist

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Lauantai 17.1.2015 - Risto

Here's little info about my new friend with whom I do couple of new projects. He also wrote lyrics to my band's Wake The Nations debut Album "Sign Of Heart". Songs are "All I Want" and "The Touch Of Your Hand".

Here's Alan with his own words:

"I am an Engineer by training but 10 years ago I started with a website intended to provide lyrics for people like you who do not have English as a first language.
I now have 5 sites and I get 23 million hits each year. I have maybe 500-700 songs not on the web yet and 2,000 on the web.  I will put two new websites up soon.
I have no idea how many songs have been recorded. At least 400 but probably many more.
Recently I wrote 2 completely original musicals that are quick easy and cheap to produce. One is a "One Man Show" and has only one set. The other has three actors and two sets. The music for both is recorded and very very good."

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